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Home / News > Simple is not simple, choose a flat sandals through the summer


Simple is not simple, choose a flat sandals through the summer

What kind of shoes we wear in our daily life comfortable, presumably we all have their own ideas. Students love young and dynamic, suitable for sports shoes, canvas shoes, light, relax. Home wear loose casual shoes, wear off are convenient; office workers unless you must wear high heels, or casual shoes is a good choice. What shoes are comfortable to wear is mainly to see their own strength and foot force situation. Some people used to wear flat shoes, soft soles to relax the mood of the day, some people used to wear high heels, even wearing high heels shopping in the afternoon will not feel tired. But in my personal opinion, what shoes wear comfortable? Or flat shoes wearing the most comfortable. Big feet MM wear what shoes to wear comfortable? Do not recommend you wearing high heels. Recommended footwear girls in the selection of flat shoes, the best choice for a wide range of shoes, such as boat shoes or shoes. These shoes can be very good to cover the foot type is too large embarrassment. MM in the selection of flat shoes, is the tip of the round or good, what shoes wear comfortable? This should be based on the girls to consider the body. Taller or slightly thick legs of the girls the best choice for pointed shoes, sharp toe can make the proportion of the body to become coordinated. While the stature was thin girls, it is recommended or wearing round flat shoes, it seems a sense of vigilance. Of course, you can also choose according to their own situation, if your body is a bit fat, but wearing round shoes can also have charm, it does not have to wear a pointed shoes, what shoes to wear comfortable nike air max lebron 14 or choose nike clearance what style The

The body is relatively small or sturdy MM feet what shoes wearing comfortable? It is best not to wear flat shoes. Since it is flat shoes, the height will be relatively small, wearing it will be exposed to the defects of the body. Short girls can choose high heels, will be high. Legs thick MM, you can also choose high heels, cheap nike sneakers and then wear a long skirt to cover the calf, this mix is ??good. If you really like it, you can add an increase, increase some height, or in specific occasions such as friends to wear it.