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  • Let the children wear more confident shoes

    I believe we must have such an experience - every day before going out to be sure to determine their own dress is reasonable, once the day of their wear by the students or friends pointed to a small opinion will have been concerned about that place, doing things Of the time can not focus on the. In fact, the children of the world is the case, careful observation you will find that those who are dressed every day by the mother of the United States or handsome children, often prefer to express themselves with others, but also more popular with their peers. Children wear this pair of boots feel like a small adult children, cool pull the wind with gas field, high tube design, just take the black short leather pants, shoes in front of adding a stylish banding elements, but the mother We do not have to worry, this pair of shoes in fact there are side zipper design, the children themselves wear is also very convenient. Walking to the fall of the dynamic tassels always give a very dynamic feeling, this pair of boots is also the case, the boots is a three-layer tassel design, is a simple simple color small boots become more three-dimensional There is a sense of hierarchy.

    This little bit of the British retro wind boots small children will become very refined temperament, mixed color round lace and matte leather upper material so that this pair of shoes with a full range of British Fan children, plus cashmere Of the inside, the winter can also wear. Knitted material pockets nike shop of small boots, leather material, soft and comfortable on the feet Recently, a particularly popular way to wear is to wear a pair of long pile of heap socks, outside and then wear a pair of such a tipped boots, put it, children Can lead the trend of fashion. Dress up the cool, of course, can give people confidence, for example, this pair of shoes, texture, leather surface and lace design and Oxford outsole, so that these shoes are full of thick locomotive wind, pink and black , So whether your family is a small princess or a small prince, can be handsome up. Shoes you do not look at it small, but in the design, but quite a lot of thought ah! The upper of the light on the use of frosted and bright leather stitching, as well as fashionable patch elements and fake lace design, because the baby is not easy to wear, in the side of the design of the zipper opening.

    Cleverly knitting elements and leather together, is the whole pair of shoes is very unique, and because the knitted clothes are autumn and winter will wear models, so the child will wear a whole package looks very harmonious. To say that the most suitable for a single product of autumn and winter, then it is certainly not a pair of boots, especially after the belt, the tube width just fit the child's feet, look very long leg, put on so Fan children of a pair of shoes, children will certainly be surrounded by the eyes of small partners. The upper is used in the space leather material, coupled with thick rubber outsole, so that the whole pair of shoes look domineering, inside is plus velvet design, warm performance super, the North's winter wear it no pressure.

    2017-05-27 10:50:06
  • Wearing a skirt do not wear high heels, which also have temperament at all

    In this hot summer, MM how to use skirts and high heels how to show legs, with a sense of fashion it? Different skirts with different high heels. Now, let's learn it! Like to wear a skirt MM must not forget to match a favorite "hate days high" to show beautiful legs Oh! Fresh holiday small skirt is one of this year's fire style, red shirt with pink print chiffon skirt overall feel very bright, there will not be very vulgar nike shop feeling, with a pair of hate days high pink High heels is a good dress Oh! Pure hand to build, relatively thin tip toe, wear foot foot pedicure, the price is worthy of this shoe, more important is to wear it instantly increased, and calf immediately slender, waist straight. This is the charm air max 90 of high heels. Wearing a skirt is the perfect match with high heels, but high heels for a long time will feel tired, if the flat shoes and high heels can be free to switch, it is too perfect, if not, then this high heels it. Shoes height is moderate, walking is not tired. This pair is the hottest cat this year with the fine with the focus is to wear on the foot is not tired, like walking on the ground, the soles or anti-skid bottom, the quality is particularly good, office work kobe 11 uniforms can wear, usually also With a skirt to wear, really beautiful, very wild

    Shoes look beautiful, wear good-looking atmosphere, small pointed fashion, with the height of the walk will not be tired, the color is also good-looking, bottom or slip at the end, walking in the tile floor will not slip, wearing a particularly comfortable, heel design Stable and uncomfortable. The price of shoes is very low but the quality of the shoes is super high, really value for money ah! Store good intentions also put the sachet in it, it is intimate that. Fight with the shoes so that aura is not rigid. Cat with the design, super temperament Oh. Favorite cat with High heels whenever the heel to increase the height, you can enhance the temptation. High heels to reduce the pace of a woman, because the center of gravity after the shift, the legs on the corresponding straight, and cause hip contraction, chest before the very, so that a woman's standing, walking are full of charm, willow and rhyme came into being. Let alone coupled with swaying skirt, the charm is that you smile walk figure. Put on the super-long legs, shoes are very fit feet, walking is not tired, and the shoe is really good, feet are very comfortable inside Charm small pointed design, smooth lines, bring the fit does not wear the foot of the cordial experience, solid fine high-heeled design, stable, no deformation. Shoes inside the PU, breathable Shu soft. Non-slip rubber outsole, wear does not slip. Deep color, with light skirt, so you more out of color.

    High heels is to make every woman change the United States, "Cinderella glass shoes", so long as a woman must learn to wear high heels, but also to go light and bright, people can not help but look at! However, with a beautiful high heels, does not mean that every woman will wear beautiful. Some women will not wear high heels, wearing high heels did not seem to be thousands of dollars, but it seems nike sneakers timid, walking when a turn of a turn, and some even stepping the shoes with stepping, so be sure to learn to wear high heels and then Wear, so as not to play the opposite effect. You can wear such a short with the shoes practice exercises Oh The color is very positive, no color, this kind of shoes wearing a little tired, quality Ye Hao

    2017-05-26 10:57:03
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