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  • Conservation in place clever selection of sports shoes out of different styles

    The traditional style of sports shoes you wear it? Want to change your style shoes? In fact, the style of sports shoes is not a single, come with the small brother to understand the style of sports shoes, what exactly it There are double the United States and the United States, but do not dare to wear shoes Do not worry about it will destroy the problem, as long as you master how to maintain the problem after the sneakers. Today let Mom network Xiaobian help you solve the above two problems it Calm black leather for the substrate, low-key emphasis on character. In addition, the choice of soft denim as the main fabric is one of the selling points of this shoe, which makes you even in the long watch night, do not feel tired. White stripe hippie wind shoes to know, it uses the zipper, strap, metal ring and other elements, and in its added curling, open toe and other creative design, all you can not imagine things are piled together, But the effect is quite satisfactory. You wear a jersey at the same time, with a sexy short skirt, coupled with such a hippie shoes, must let the audience stunning!

    Sports cheap nike basketball shoes shoes maintenance

    1, regular cleaning shoes, with a damp cloth; do not brush with a brush. If the shoes wet, fortress newspaper to maintain the appearance of shoes, and let the shoes naturally dry, to avoid direct sunlight or high temperature baking.

    2, shoes should avoid contact with solvents, acids, alkali, oil and other corrosive substances. Maintain more than two pairs of shoes can be replaced, so that shoes take turns to rest. Casual shoes, sandals should not be for intense exercise. Before the shoes are worn, it is best to put the day in the ventilation, so that the shoes have enough time to dry. Athletes or sports enthusiasts should always wear the purchased sneakers. In order to extend the life of the shoes, as little as possible to wash.

    3, running shoes on the nylon mesh cloth and artificial tanning is relatively easy to maintain, can be used to wash the sailor, it is best not to use washing machine or soaked with water. Place the toe toes down in a ventilated place.

    4, the shoes dry, the use of shoes will help the shoes to restore the prototype; or the newspaper stuffed in the shoes. Newspaper has the effect of two birds with one stone, not only can help restore the prototype shoes, but also quickly absorb the moisture in the shoes. The soles of the feet down the soles of the wall, at room temperature ventilation to dry. This prevents water vapor from dipping into low foaming materials. (Because the foam material is not easy to dry, it is recommended not to wet shoes flat.)

    5, the shoes dry after the newspaper out, let the shoes dry for a while. The Excessive direct sunlight, hair dryer heat and improper care methods will reduce the life of the shoes.

    2017-03-24 13:53:55
  • There is a range of high-heeled shoes not tired of struck

    Many girls want to wear high heels can be afraid of tired, especially the small man crush, but also want to wear high heels people look tall and beautiful, but also helpless in the long-term wear high heels too tired, will wear his feet, walking fried chicken pain. In fact, with the evolution of the trend, high-heeled shoes, a variety of styles, is no longer a former water thin heel, and now there is the nike clearance store kind of slope with, side with, lace, with a waterproof platform, etc., those high heels So that you are wearing a fan at the same time not too tired, not only by the high crush of love, Lace design in addition to a trace of charming and also let the walk is not so tired. Upper parts and lace are imported velvet skin, the material is very soft, very comfortable to wear. To help the surface material is suede, the material is PU inside, with the high although there are eight centimeters, but do not feel tired to wear it, because it is thick with the force, the area of ??force to become a natural walk will not be tired, Feet on both sides of the foot, respectively, on both sides of a small hollow is gentle and soft, feet after a small bow added a trace of cute, people can not love ah!

    Material is PU, wearing a very comfortable, pointed design looks small feet look good. This is the four colors, purple and charming, red is very suitable for the bride shoes Kazakhstan, black calm, gun color tone, see you like slightly ~ shoes material is PU, very soft, comfortable, and the color is particularly good ah The This is the rough with the fear of grinding the foot MM no longer have to worry about this problem, shopping is not tired, the workplace can co-exist in style. The front is similar to the same waterproof platform, both before and after the high, but behind a slope with a high degree of stretch your calf curve, so you look tall and thin, put on such a high heels is not Fan Not tired? Wearing comfortable and breathable, so you do not want to take off, the above star pattern is full of childlike, and the soles or non-slip, rainy days are not afraid to go out! Black and silver two colors, are very good ride the color, and the designer also designed a hollow version of the black and silver, really very carefully Help surface material is leather, very wearable, inside the material is pig skin, wearing very comfortable. The design of the round is very casual. The design of this shoe is love to walk.

    2017-03-24 13:47:10
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