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  • Want to blind eyes of people, not fast wear paint nike clearance cheap nikes shoes

    In general, in order to avoid mistakes and was jokes, we will tend to choose a more conservative low-key clothes color and style, lower body pants or skirt, but we all wear such a low profile, but also how to stand out, this time you Need a pair of eyes can be blind others shoes, that is the patent leather shoes ~ round black small shoes. The color is bright, blingbling, and inside the cashmere, the winter spread to next spring can continue to wear ~ walking is also very comfortable! Thick bottom can be increased, very suitable for height is not enough small partners, with casual pants rolled up trousers is self-contained a wind bow ballet shoes. These colors are very beautiful, but also very temperament has been forced to grid, cheap nike sneakers from the comfort level, this a flat shoes soles lightweight, comfortable to wear foot ~ bow of the element is very cute, look very young girl Breath, the campus full of wind ~ patent leather pointed heels. This is relatively relatively small woman's patent leather shoes, because it is pointed, but not very sharp, so it is a small woman Well, with a tight pants, and then reveal a small cut ankle, Really feel great oh feel ~

    Shallow mouth flat shoes. Side buckle elements in this year is also quite popular Oh, so nike shoes men love the fashionable how can you miss this popular, and this a shallow mouth flat shoes are super gentle, ah, very small woman's feeling, but also very gentle Female atmosphere. Super fashion a, sparkling, a little bit thick with, do not wear tired, not grinding feet, and can not afford to follow. With wide leg pants or tight pants will be very handsome, which is plus cashmere hey, in the big winter when you do not have to worry about ~ tide women must have money! Loose cake thick design, stylish atmosphere, super was thin, elongated the proportion of the entire leg, the quality of the bar drops. With a full 7 cm high, there are 4 cm waterproof platform, feet comfortable, cost-effective, pro and so what? Shoes are very comfortable, worn in the feet of Western style, good style, the skin is very soft and very comfortable to wear, plush feel particularly comfortable, shoes are very wild, regardless of skirt pants can control

    There is no other decoration and with the high heels, so do not worry with the problem with the clothes pants, the other colors have a lot of choices Yeah, you can mix with a variety of colors of the friends.

    2017-05-23 11:12:45
  • Grounding gas comfortable fashion, none other than flat shoes

    When more and more comfortable pursuit all black nike shoes of life, the flat shoes is also a big turn over, and can be free to control the high heels on top, with a variety of Fun with. High-heeled shoes, although the charm of many people are irresistible, but it is a lot of people can not control, and comfortable flat shoes is not the same, for everyone can easily hole live, for the control of high heels can not cool In fact, the flat shoes is a secret weapon of the shape of the street. Wearing high heels embarrassment is that many people have, because accidentally Wei feet, there is to make his feet become extremely uncomfortable, wearing flat shoes will not be times, take a pair of simple small white shoes For example, in the fashion driven under the casual fire up, so many stars, the influx of people are not put it on, but also free to mix out a variety of shapes.

    The charm of flat shoes only after wearing it to enjoy the feeling of comfort, the pursuit of fashion at the same time know how to enjoy the shoes brought by the grounding of nike clearance the safety and comfort is a way to understand the trend of the pursuit. When the movement of the wind began to pop, it has proved that the white shoes fire, the nike shoes stars, the streets of people afraid to open the small white shoes of the model, pure white shoes, and nothing special, but, It is because it is such a simple atmosphere, youth and vitality, so, popular with the popular and like.

    School wear tired of the small white shoes, between the trance also caused a huge wind, fresh and simple, sports and vitality, a short paragraph and bf shirt with a full street full of feeling. A pair of simple small white shoes, recorded the number of youth memories, wearing pure white shoes, both dynamic and playful, like back to the age of 18, a relaxed, free, this small white shoes The use of flat design, for any one can easily control. British style of the small shoes, retro and classic, it can be said that the street wind another show form, with a boyfriend of the powerful max, girl who put on, is simply handsome free and easy, full of tide, more than the man Charm, whether it is a formal sense of dress or casual style dress can control the knock to the benefits.

    With a strong British wind of the small shoes, with a grid on the pattern of the suit, the whole look cool, both the taste of a gentleman, there is a sense of free and easy sense of style, full of street flavor. Pearl decoration of the British wind small shoes, with a light atmosphere, but also full of fashion style, classic black line, highlights the mysterious charm, lace design, very significant sexy, and walking Very convenient. Muller shoes was once considered to be only prostitutes to wear shoes, but with the changes in the times have undergone enormous changes, and its design is very unique, wrapped in the feet and toes, but the heel exposed This way is both elegant and casual. And this kind of shoes and slippers have a common, lazy nike shox people's welfare, with the foot pedal, a break is very convenient, cold weather with the socks on the line, hot days alone put on OK.

    2017-05-22 11:13:11
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