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  • You and the goddess, only a pair of high-heeled cool slippers!

    And then to the high heels wantonly rampant season, and this time not to a high heels is justified, both the door and body size, a high heels always let you in air max 90 the invisible to enhance the temperament, and stylish at the same time very cool, Hot summer, you sure not to a pair of fresh summer? Fashionable high heels to join the elements of the strap, retro and stylish, and rough with nike factory store the design, so that even if you are walking all day will not feel too tired, the nikes on sale color of Western style and trend, highlight the goddess of gas field, Comfortable to wear. Sandals is an indispensable single product this season, whether it is shopping or dating are a pair of fashionable sandals, fashionable small square with rough nike shoes men design, modified feet at the same time not tired feet, elegant temperament, comfort Take, let you make a mature little woman. Single shoes to join this year's popular rivets elements, fashion and then temperament, while allowing you to highlight the crowd in a layer, the sense of splicing and realistic fashion color combination, showing a more texture of the color, fashion sexy and match The The word buckle this year is also very popular elements, this high heels joined the word buckle after the design, not only to walk more stable, but also very Western style, round shallow mouth design, classic and stylish, very comfortable feet, completely Do not pick people.

    2017-07-21 10:52:43
  • Elongated legs of the camera weapon "a pedal"

    The last two years, casual shoes burst red, which has a non-tie Slip-on Sneakers become all the influx of people must have a single product. Slip-on means "easy to wear off", so he also has a lovely name called "a pedal." "A pedal," the toe narrow and thin, and thick rubber at the end, make the legs look more slender, is definitely your camera weapon. Each type has a classic section, of course, Slip-on Sneakers is no exception, a pedal small white shoes is classic in the classic. "People" itself is a classic national brand, his pedal small white shoes in both comfortable and at the same time, but also wild fashion models, no matter what kind of occasions can be perfectly modified legs, do lead the trend of the icon. Fight color element, this white and black, white card of its fight color canvas a pedal, around the manual suture, hemp rope in the end of the preparation, beef tendon skidding, whether it is driving shopping, or travel, are soft nike store and comfortable, And fashion trends. Girls favorite? Of course, is the lace, and how many girls are not lazy. This lace a pedal, simple atmosphere, super lightweight, allows you to forget the existence of shoes, elegant hollow upper design, breathable not hot, comfortable memory insoles, but also ease the nike shoes foot pressure. Put it not only can the nike clearance legs look more slender, better reflect the vitality of women's youth.

    To add a little youthful atmosphere, of course, to find a small monster, it squinting look, how funny, so that the expression of Emperor Meng things in the feet, both to highlight your personality fashion, vitality, but also add a lot pleasure. Rivets, has nike shox clearance always been one of the signs of the tide. This rivets a pedal not only unique style design, and rivets and color, wearing this shoe walking in the street, the absolute personality to burst. Increased, is God for a small man to open a window, not only to lengthen the length of the legs, but also invisible. This increase in a pedal, the upper use of high-level imported PU, simple and generous style, soles height 9CM, small people met with absolutely happy to send wallet.

    2017-07-20 11:06:23
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