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  • What style do you wear? Measured just say quasi-quasi

    Usually nothing special, the occasion, the most like to wear is casual shoes. Want to know a person, first of all depends on each other's shoes, you usually like to wear the following two shoes it? Fine with high heels you personality mature and generous, like thinking, full of charm. Hope at any time can become the focus of the crowd. Work very responsible and hard work on the people around and things are relatively high You have been very independent, the appearance of a strong feeling, but the nike clearance heart is very lonely, eager to be loved. Because of the high demand for things around, sometimes because they did not meet the expectations and temper. Thick with high heels thick shoes you like to think, mind flexible, do things have a set of their own rules. And every time to complete the task well. You are better, others have something cheap nike sneakers always like trouble you, your ghosts are generally the most. Qu Xiao raw silk often wear loose shoes and thick heels, are hard-hearted mouth. You have a high quality of life requirements, a strong aesthetic. But things are more sloppy, generally compared to know later.

    Single shoes you look cute cute, gentle character. There is no strong desire to show, do not like people nike shop more lively scenes. In fact, the unique temperament makes you look quiet and beautiful. Usually like to read, have the right to change the status quo. You are a little new nike shoes humorous, friends around and you generally do not bored when chatting. Your character is more stubborn, eager to romantic love, want a stable happiness. Canvas shoes sports shoes you are honest childish, inner do not want to mediocrity. You can easily believe in others, always and the opposite sex into one. You do not like fancy, for the trend of their own understanding. You are very young, live in the moment to enjoy life, simple and generous is your aesthetic style.

    Oxford shoes casual shoes you rigorous, calm and practical, is the leader of the eyes of a good staff, friends in the mouth of the confidant, popularity is very good. But you have a bold heart, uneasy about the status quo. You like the pursuit of fashion sense, although the surface is very tide is very confident, but the soul has been uneasy to pursue affirmation and comfort. You often hide their emotions, so always in the feelings of tired, but I do not know the reflection.

    I would like to have high heels also have running shoes, drinking tea and drinking, all right in the past, but never look back. Wearing a hat, each have love, which one is you?

    2017-04-26 11:10:17
  • Shoes smell so you are annoying? Read from no longer embarrassing

    Recently, many people asked about the problem of shoes, daily life, shoes are essential things to go out every day, and ultimately, but the problem of shoes smell is still a more difficult trouble, how to quickly and simply new nike shoes life to the shoes Deodorant, here I give you a few practical tips to share: the most simple and most economical cheap nike sneakers way to use charcoal. Many people know that charcoal adsorption is very strong, the charcoal into the shoes, not only can absorb the moisture inside the shoes, but also absorb the smell of shoes, if the home is not charcoal, new nike shoes big deal, you can buy some Activated carbon, activated carbon deodorant ability is more strong. Pure natural methods, the use of some plants to clean up the shoes, such as the lemon slices on the shoes, or orange peel in the shoes, usually every night after the footwear is basically able to be removed, but also Some fragrance.

    Use alcohol to remove the smell of shoes. Use ordinary medicinal alcohol, pour some of the water after dilution, and then you can use a small tool with a spray nozzle and shoes inside the shoe can also be soaked with paper, and then drip in the inside. It is more useful than any other deodorizing method. Dry breathable cotton insoles breathable sweat, thin nike outlet and soft, not smelly feet Shu Bao cotton, sweat sweat to go under the insoles, socks dry soles of the feet are dry.

    2017-04-25 11:14:45
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  • Breathable casual shoes, summer morning run more light is not tired feet
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