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  • Buy shoes control Note: watch three kinds of shoes! Make you sad also hurt the body

    People rely on clothing, so many people are particularly focused on the dress, but always missed feet of shoes. I do not know a pair of shoes is not only affect your image temperament, more importantly, is closely related to your health! Sometimes you go posture and so out of the problem, can be found in the shoes above the reasons, if you still buy a shoe, only subjective hobbies, with the sex play, it can be careful of these three kinds of shoes, and make you sad also Oh! If the soles of the shoes are too thick, easy to walk when the body leaning forward and lose weight, easy to sprain the foot joints, especially the ankle ligament. If you really want to wear, choose the soles of the large area, low Oh Summer wear a pair of sandals really cool, but wear sandwiches sandwiched on the body or have a certain harm. Toes in the foot of walking shoes, long-term will make the foot type ugly. High heels is the current trend, but not too high, it is best not more than 8 cm, wearing high heels not only easy to wear foot, and the center of gravity transfer, but also make the stability of the ankle stability. Velcro canvas shoes are very suitable for shopping, the middle of the peach heart pattern, it is more lovely. But also allows you to get rid of the troubles of the Department of shoelaces, is simply the lips of the young woman. In cheap nike shoes short, put on this pair of shoes, will appear more flexible atmosphere Oh!

    For the big girls for the election of shoes have to pay attention to prevent the grinding of the foot, a low-help canvas shoes is particularly appropriate. Curved toe design can prevent the toes injured, while the small cat's pattern looks cute and lovely, is simply reunion artifact ah! Small white shoes combined with the style of shoes, while a lot of clothes are wild, simple and generous, comfortable and comfortable to wear. And thick bottom of the design, but also slow down the foot pressure, but nike running shoes also increase Oh! Gear-like sole design not only increased the anti-skid function, but also to the whole look more prominent shoes, more fashionable. At the same time a single tone, will make shoes wear kobe shoes simple atmosphere. This shoe is simply indispensable in the shoe! A pair of high heels is certainly essential, we have to choose low-heeled, beneficial to the health of the same time, but also nike clearance to meet the needs of fashion. In front of the bow design, will make her sister wear more young, more fashionable Oh! For the fitness of the sister, the choice of a good sports shoes is particularly important. This sports shoes with ergonomic toe design, while the appropriate increase in soles height, can reduce the foot pressure, so that running more light and comfortable. More important is the texture of soft, and breathable yo!

    2017-04-24 11:17:41
  • This summer, to be a beautiful tall woman

    Summer, of course, to show fresh, show the body, but no one has a pair of slender long legs, although there is no natural long legs, but want a perfect body proportion, spend a little care is essential. In addition to fresh skirts and shorts, a pair of sexy sandals do not forget to prepare, wear a good leg type, you can have long legs. nike clearance store High-heeled sandals with, you can make your visual look a lot higher, the effect is very strong, was high naturally stretched the proportion of body, was thin effect is self-evident. As a comfortable fresh high-heeled sandals, in addition to significantly was thin, the wild practical of course to both. Whether it is skirt, trousers, dresses can easily match, so you this summer to be a beautiful tall woman.

    Featured high-quality sheep skin design, soft and breathable skin, color is very fresh and natural, to ensure the comfort of the feet. Breathable ultra-filament inside, delicate breathable, with a good sweat, one word buckle decoration, the visual highlights the beautiful color. High-quality material design, wear-resistant rubber outsole, sexy serpentine elements, put on extremely comfortable and comfortable, fresh and obviously thin Stylish style design, full of sweet personality style. According to ergonomic design, with a comfortable height of the heel, wearing tired feet are not very comfortable. Soft breathable inside, good resilience, how to walk are not tired. 8CM temperament high heel, classic word buckle design, elegant and simple bow decoration sweet and lovely, atmospheric style, give you a more comfortable cool summer. Square cylindrical thick nike outlet online with the design, wearing comfortable. Solid color black tones, with a wild effect, very thin Exquisite word buckle, the perfect modification of the foot type, showing slender thighs.

    The upper made by the PU leather, very comfortable and breathable, full of tension and flexibility. Reinforced PU leather inside the production, not only comfortable and convenient to wear, fine lines exquisite smooth, to ensure the durability of shoes and aesthetics. Trend of the belt buckle, the appearance of beautiful fashion nike shox is very trendy. The upper material is comfortable, soft and bright and comfortable. Stylish diamond buckle decoration, exquisite beauty. Not too high with, wearing and will not tired feet. High-heeled sandals as indispensable in the summer of a single product, nike clearance store in addition to cool and comfortable, but also brought a lot of significant significant role in the thin, is the sister of the summer show a good choice for the figure.

    2017-04-22 10:56:22
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